Pick-MAX pick-to-light, light-directed picking systems increase order fulfillment productivity as much as 200% by eliminating paper pick lists. The modules come in two sizes—standard 5 in. and micro 2.5 in.—to accommodate higher density, smaller pick faces. The same Pick-MAX modules are also used in put-to-lightapplications, and in Pick-MAX pick-to-light for manufacturing systems.

To initialize a pick, the picker scans a barcode associated with an order. Bright, easy-to-read LED lights illuminate to guide an operator to the correct product location, while a digital display indicates the quantity required to fill the order. When all the items are picked, the operator pushes a task complete button on the device.

Optionally, each module works with the Pick-MAX Watch-Me™ rechargeable, wearable device. When worn on the wrist by a picker, the pick-to-light module records the serial number associated with each Watch-Me unit, identifying the wearer for full accountability as picks are completed. Because Watch-Me confirms picks automatically and enables multiple pickers to work in the same area, picking productivity increases by 20-50%.

The modules can display up to five colors and feature a simple graphical user interface that requires minimal training. For both space and cost savings, each module includes up and down arrow indicator lights, permitting one unit to service two pick locations—above and below.

Built-in functionality in each module includes lot tracking and an inventory mode for cycle and physical inventory counts. Every Pick-MAX pick-to-light module features IPTI’s snap-in flat track bus design for fast installation, quick reconfiguration of pick locations and easy expansion of the system.


  • Low-power, environmentally-friendly modules draw just 0.2 watts each
  • Extended function modes include cases/pieces, device information, shortage alerts, dynamic cubing and scrap reporting
  • Plug-and-play dynamic addressing with no factory serial numbers or special programming devices required