Intelligent Picking Solutions

Automation Dynamics, Inc. is an integration partner with Cornerstone Automation Systems located in Prosper Texas. As partners we can supply an integrated solution for end of line weighing, cubing and manifesting. These systems are seamlessly integrated with our WCS/WMS software and customers host and shipping systems.


The CASI 951 is a free standing, self contained and powered in-motion case-weigher designed for rugged manufacturing and distribution center use. The CASI-951 is extremely accurate, dependable and its integrated control makes installation a snap. Available in roller or belt conveyor designs, the CASI-951 can be easily custom fitted to your industrial scale application.

In-motion cubing systems designed for cartons as well as pallets. Each system may be designed as standalone or as part of an integrated system for receiving, shipping, or cubing a trailer. We also sells and integrate CubiScan static systems used for various applications such as populating SKUs to a WMS with weights and dimensions, outbound shipping, and even odd-shaped items for packaging and shipping needs.


We provide turnkey shipping solutions for single carrier, multi-carrier, and multi-line systems. Typical systems include:
• Order ID scan (License Plate Barcode) and lookup
• Parcel Checkweigh for shipping weight and/or pick verification
• Automatic print and apply of shipping label
• Verification scan to ensure order ID is married to correct shipping label
• Reject for exceptions such as no-read, bad shipping label, wrong shipping weight, etc.
• Parcel sortation to carrier, service type, zip code, etc.

Maximum efficiency empowered by smart algorithms

Empowered by Geek+ proprietary smart algorithms, the robotic retrieval system uses the  fewest AMR picking robots possible to

Achieve maximum efficiency while improving warehouse storage capabilities.

Its main functions include:

  • Combined order optimization and picking
  • Dynamic wave selection process
  • Inventory management and intelligent tally
  • Adjustment of inventory layout
  • Workstation and robot task outline
  • RFID technology integration
  • Heat analysis and goods placement recommendation
  • The shelf height is up to 2.8 meters and the storage capacity is increased by 20%