Automation Dynamics designs, sells, and integrates a variety of order fulfillment solutions and products. These solutions are designed to improve workflow, increase storage capacity, and enhance overall productivity. While specializing in Goods to Person solutions & systems, Automation Dynamics product line encompasses most of todays latest technologies utilized in modern distribution and manufacturing facilities.

Horizontal Carousels

Automation Dynamics, an integration partner with White Systems, offers the broadest variety of horizontal carousels on the market today.

Vertical Carousels

Automation Dynamics, an integration partner with White Systems, offers Vertical Carousels that are at home in a vast array of industrial and commercial applications.

Conveyor Systems

Automation Dynamics works with many of the countries largest conveyor manufacturers to supply the conveyor that best applies to a client's application.

Vertical Lift Modules

Automation Dynamics is an integration partner with Sencorp White & Effimat Technologies. VLMs store columns of trays against the front and back walls inside the machine.

Pick To Light Systems

Pick to light is a light-based order picking system for split-case picking of items in the warehouse or distribution center. It can be used for manufacturing, kitting or assembling also.

Totes & Containers

Automation Dynamics is an authorized distributor for Flexcon Containers located in New Jersey.

Powered Pick

PoweredPick is an ideal entry-level automated e-commerce order fulfillment solution that can be scaled to grow with your operation or to ramp up for peak order requirements.

AMR'S & Robotics

Automation Dynamics is an valued partner of Geek+ robotics specializing in Goods to Person and Tote to Person Solutions