Vertical Lift Modules

Maximize Warehouse Height

Automation Dynamics is an integration partner with Sencorp White & Effimat Technologies. VLMs store columns of trays against the front and back walls inside the machine. Between these two columns, in the middle of the machine, is space for the mechanical inserter/extractor or crane to travel up and down to access the trays. Trays are retrieved from their storage location and delivered to the operator access area where items can be picked or replenished as needed. VLMs can reach heights up to 98 feet.

Features & Benefits
  • Increase picking speeds and order accuracy
  • Improve operator productivity and morale
  • Safely store and retrieve uniform or uniquely shaped items
  • Shorten pick time through reduced walk distance
  • Improve inventory record accuracy
  • Easily enter additional SKU’s for growing operations
  • Improve customer service and response time
  • Reduce shrinkage and product damage
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary paperwork
  • Reduce space requirements and maximize cube utilization
  • Reduce equipment downtime